Fourth year stage


For the end fourth years, I decided to leave for Japan. There’s a student exchange between ESIEE Paris and Kogakuin university in Tokyo. You can find on this page the details of my work done in Japan. For information about the trip and experiences, please check those two pages.

Description of the project : Shaipicku

Shaipicku is an Android application, a game where the user will move cubes using the images of two usb cameras to obtain a full image of a board game via WIFI and 5 motors to have a robot arm which will pick up the cubes. This arm is controlled via Bluetooth. A color and shape detection is performed by the application. The user select 1 of 4 modes to play and the arm will move according to the mode selected. The different mode are shape, color, both first (identical forms) and pile up the cubes.


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