(English) Remove Linkedin malware flagging


When trying to publish a project in Linkedin, we had the surprise to discover that we could not add the URL of our project because, the website was flagged as malware.


linkedin malware flag
Linkedin malware flag screenshot




So, what should we do ?

I did not found any suggestion in Linkedin supports page, so I directly opened a ticket for another subject and asked for more information.

After 3 days, one of the support member gave me the answer I was searching for: Linkedin base it's URL content flagging on the return from SURBL content center.

And then.... I noticed that our domain was currently flagged:


surbl flag
SURL flag










So the only way to work on this was to politely plaid my case to the maintainer of the SURBL content center, as it was a legitimate website.
I had to fill a ultra long form and once done, 3 days later, I had the pleasure to receive the mail which solved the problem, we were unlisted.